Recover Scratched CD’s

In todays world we use CD’s, DVD’s very commonly to store all our important data. but when those CD’s or DVD’s get scrated we really become verry angry and try our best to recover the contents like our favourite songs,pics,movies or our documents. we never like to add many cd’s or dvd’s in the list of scratched cd’s so here are some tips to recover such cd’s or dvd’s.

Hand Method :

Rub a small amount of toothpaste on the scratch
and polish the CD with a soft cloth and any petroleum-based
polishing solution (like clear shoe polish). Squirt a drop of
Brasso and wipe it with a clean cloth.



Software Method :

There are many softwares available on the
net, which enable the recovery of the CD data. BadCopy Pro is one such software, which can be used to recover destroyed data and files from a range of media.


Just a few clicks is all it requires to recover the disc from almost all kind of damage situation, be it corrupted, lost data, unreadable or defective.


How to Maintain :

Always wipe the CD from the center outward with straight spoke-like strokes. Wiping CDs in circles will create more scratches.
* Do not scratch the graphics layer as you cannot repair the disc.
HINT: Hold the disc up to a light with the graphics layer facing
the light source. If you can see light thru the scratches at any
point then the disc may be irreparable and or exhibit loading
or playing errors.
* Clean your Disc players lens regularly with a suitable product to ensure optimal viewing pleasure.
* Make sure to use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean both sides of the disc. Wipe in a straight line from the centre of the disc to the outer edge.
* If wiping with a cloth does not remove a fingerprint or smudge, use a specialized DVD disc polishing spray to clean the disc.
* Only handle the disc by its outer edge and the empty hole in the middle. This will help prevent fingerprints, smudges or scratches.


~ by ramanathan on November 26, 2006.

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