Video kiosk at Ginza Apple Store

In todays busy world where ever or to which ever complex we go it has more than 3 floors and all the complex has a elevator for that but the people who vist that complex will really get confused to know what are the shops are available in a particular floor, here all the other companies have just placed a buttons, Apple placed an elegant masterpiece of interaction design in front of the elevator at its flagship Ginza store in Tokyo. This looks very nice and very usefull and i am really impressed.


~ by ramanathan on November 26, 2006.

2 Responses to “Video kiosk at Ginza Apple Store”

  1. I would really be even more impressed if it was a touch screen lift button to choose to go which floor. But it was honestly really cool. Great find.

  2. Thanks..!! even i would be happy if it was touch screen but still they have to improve a lot…!! 🙂

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