Smallest Man In This World

well friends i am really impressed by this wounder full video and i wish every one should see this video for sure coz this video shows some thing which is very important to the mankind which we lack a lot that is nothing but True LOVE!!!! yes my friends true Love is some thing which has nothing to do with your appearance and this video shows that. well i did not like the narrator of this video coz he was insulting the poor little man. the video itself is in a negative approach which is took in a commerical approach. but still friends try to see the true love and wounderfull family which is hidden behind this video.

Well Atleast somewhere in this World True Love Exist!!!


~ by ramanathan on January 9, 2007.

One Response to “Smallest Man In This World”

  1. wat u r saying is right but one thing i cud’nt understand tht is wat u r actually trying to say frm this video??
    ya True Love is somethiong more than tht involved in appearance.

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