About Me

This is Me.........!!

Hi Friends,

Let me first appreciate your curiosity to know about me. Ok now let me say about myself.

My name is Ramanathan. I was born and bought up in Chennai. I am cool guy with more positive thoughts that’s what my friends say about me.

I am a B.E Computer Science graduate. I am a person to discover new things in my life. I would like to make new friends but will not forget the old ones coz “OLD IS GOLD” 🙂

The greatest aim in my life is to become a “Navy Officer” as well as my other aim is to become a best “Programmer”. I don’t know how far I will succeed in my aims but I sincerely work for both.

My Hobbies are working in my computer, Cooking, Eating 😉 , listening to melodies music’s and last but not the least is to chat and roam with my friends and enjoy life. But when I roam with my friends I really feel the world is very small…….

When I describe about my family then I should say my family is like birds nest… I am gifted with a caring father and a loving mother and a childish sister….

Well..!! That’s all about me my friends. Now if u have any comments then please leave it for me…….. 😉


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. hi ram

    i visited your webpage …it is nice..
    and when did you finished your final yr in
    jerusalem college…since i too jeruslame..but i finished in 2000 set of batches…if cool reply me…

  2. hi ashok, thank u very much for the compliments. i finished my final just a year back. i am really glad to see you.

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